Yvonne Mullock


Graduating from the painting department at Glasgow School of Art, Yvonne’s practice spans diverse interests in nature and craft and incorporates drawing, sculpture, ceramics, video, and textiles for both gallery and site-specific installations. Recent interests have explored materiality, thriftiness and care and has manifested itself into a number of projects that have engaged ‘others’, either as participants or collaborators.

In 2010, Yvonne joined the Shorefast Foundation design team as lead artist for a community quilt project, over seeing the design and production of locally made seasonal quilts for the Fogo Island Inn and artist houses.


By re-interpreting local patterns that reflect the geographic isolation, resourcefulness and the social dynamic of the family, the Fogo Island Inn Quilts are loving examples of this long-time practiced craft.
 Engaging quilters from across Fogo Island and Change Islands, each quilt brings together the makers sense of composition, colour and texture, by utilising fabric in a way that is both playful and vibrant. 

Making use of specially sourced recycled, vintage and cotton materials, each distinctive quilt carries a hand embroidered signature of it’s maker.

Through this locally rooted project, we collectively celebrate the heritage of quilt-making on Fogo Island and Change Islands; supporting and strengthening crafting traditions by providing warmth and comfort to guests sleeping under locally made quilts.