Shorefast is a registered Canadian charity established in 2003 by Zita, Anthony, and Alan Cobb to be a cultural and economic engine for Change Islands and Fogo Island. A “shorefast” is the line and mooring used to attach a traditional cod trap to the shore. Today, it symbolizes the cod fishing heritage of Change Islands and Fogo Island and is a metaphor for the connection between place and community.


Shorefast’s goals are to stimulate social entrepreneurship, preserve local heritage, foster the arts, and protect the environment in order to contribute to strong, vibrant, stable, and resilient communities. Shorefast believes that there is a future for rural communities through innovation, resilience, optimism, and the ability to adapt. Art and design play a pivotal role in Shorefast’s approach to development, renewal, and sustainability.


The craftspeople, architects, artists and designers brought together by Shorefast initiatives such as the Woodshop on Fogo Island, Fogo Island Inn, and Fogo Island Arts, are parts of the effort to rebuild and expand the economy of care, craft, and culture that has existed on Fogo Island and Change Islands for hundreds of years.