Paddye Mann


Paddye Mann (RCA) was born and raised in Newfoundland. Since 1978 she has chosen to work with her talented long term team from the rural village of Pakenham, Ontario.

Her passion has always been to produce beautifully made, custom clothing - taking the time and care learned from her mentors in Newfoundland. This focus has earned Paddye and her company loyal clients, national awards and a fellowship in the Royal Canadian Academy of the Arts.







The wraps and throws were inspired by a poorboy sweater my Grandmother knit for me in the 60’s. Newfoundland was far from Carnaby street where the sweater was popular. I considered the gift from my grandmother’s needles a hug and it followed me for years. When the Inn needed pieces that would wrap around guests shoulders the first image that came to mind was that wonderful garment from my childhood.




Paddye Mann Throws and Shawls