Nick Herder


Nick was born and raised in St. John's, Newfoundland, studied architecture at Dalhousie University and was working in Brooklyn, NYC until 2009 when he moved to Fogo Island and worked as part of the Shorefast Foundation project design team. Nick worked on the design and construction of the Fogo Island Art Studios as well as the Fogo Island Inn and contributed several designs to the Fogo Island Shop furniture collection. He continues to live and develop his architecture and design work in Newfoundland.






The Puppy design was inspired by the outport traditions of making whimsical and romantic furniture designs despite the scarcity of material. Starting with a single wood plank, the tables and bench make use of the material with zero waste and zero extras. The patterns which create the legs of each piece are designed so they can be cut with a regular jigsaw and such that the resulting off-cut can be used as a third leg and complete the structure.

Twitter: @nbherder




Puppy Table Tote Bag
Scallop Table
Dog Rose Puppy
Sweetheart Puppy
Tip Toe Puppy
Twinflower Puppy