Élaine Fortin


Élaine Fortin co-founded Bipède, a multidisciplinary design studio based in Montreal since 2008. Bipède places the user at the heart of its creations, as a dynamic element that is involved in the creative process by interacting with its environment. Bipède offers flexible and adaptable design solutions, spaces and objects that fit to the lifestyle of their generation: comfortable, casual, friendly, durable. Creations where form and function merge, where the rational meets the playful, where the material comes to life.







The punt is a small wooden boat built on the island that holds a piece of history about the way Fogo Island communities live; fishing and building is at the heart of their traditions. The punt chair is also inspired by the way boat builders used curved pieces of wood found at the base of the trees, between the trunk and the roots, to make the structure of the boat; transforming these local resources in their own particular way.




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Punt Chair
Marine Chair